How to Register a Society

Procedure for Registration of a Cooperative Society under APCS Act 1964
The following are the steps followed for registration of a Primary Society under the Andhra Pradesh Cooperative Societies Act 7 of 1964.

STEP 1: An application is to be submitted to the Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies concerned .The application shall be signed by not less than 10 individuals/promoters belonging to different families and residing in a particular area/village. The following documents are to be annexed to the application.

  • a. Copy of the minutes of the meeting of the promoters of the proposed society.
  • b. Original declaration of all the promoters as prescribed in Rule 3 of the Act.
  • c. Copies of confirmation of addresses of the promoters (one among Aadhar Card/Ration Card /Voter ID Card).
  • d. Four copies of proposed byelaws (as prescribed for the specified type of proposed society to be registered) along with Masooda Forms duly signed by the promoters.
STEP 2 : The Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies concerned shall obtain a feasibility report for registration of any society by entrusting the same to his staff member.

STEP 3: The staff member so appointed shall convene a meeting of all the promoters at the proposed seat of the society .A Chief Promoter will be elected from among the promoters. The provisions of the byelaws and the purpose for which the society is proposed to be registered will be explained to the promoters and their consent to abide by the byelaws will be obtained .Then the officer will submit feasibility report .If he is not satisfied with the outcome of the meeting, the feasibility officer will submit a report recommending for rejecting the proposal.

STEP 4: On receipt of such feasibility report recommending for registration of the proposed society ,the Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies concerned would accord permission to the Chief promoter to remit share capital by opening a suspense account in the branch of the DCCB concerned and to remit the registration fee to the Government .If the feasibility report is for rejecting the proposal ,the Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies will reject such proposal and shall communicate the same to the promoters recording the reasons for such rejection.

STEP 5: On such remittance, the Chief Promoter will submit the challan for registration fee and evidence of his making payment of the share capital to the Deputy Registrar of Coop. Societies.

STEP 6: On receipt of such receipts, the Deputy Registrar of Coop. Societies concerned will register the society. The entire process shall be completed within 60 days from the date of submission of application by the promoters.