Functions and Duties

To stand witness and assist in the formation of Cooperative Societies by Citizens as members of the Cooperatives. Towards this end, the department shall

  • Disseminate information on how to form and register the Cooperatives;
  • Respond promptly to the proposals for registration.
  • Keep up to date records of registration and make the information accessible to public and supply authenticated copies on demand.

To provide the following services to Cooperatives and their members under APCS Act 1964.

  • Registration of byelaws;
  • Amendments to byelaws to render the Cooperative Society a body corporate by its registered name with perpetual succession and a common seal;
  • Conduct of elections to new Managing committee on application by members, at the expiry of the term of the present Committees;
  • Making appointments for interim management where elections are not conducted;
  • Conduct of yearly Audit of the Cooperatives and issue of Audit certificates;
  • Settlement of disputes between member(s) and the society, touching the constitution, management or business of the society on reference of such disputes;
  • Recovery of debts to societies by its members on application and of dues under a decision, award or an order (Settlement of Disputes);
  • Conduct of inquires and inspections into the constitution, working and / financial condition of the Cooperatives on application by its members, for timely action on irregularities committed- such actions being criminal action against delinquents, civil action for recovery of misappropriated amounts,
  • Disqualifying M.C. members / members, supercession of erring M.Cs;
  • Liquidating the non-viable and non-functioning Cooperatives on application by their members or otherwise;
  • Convening of General body meetings of cooperatives on requisition from members / MC members;
  • Supplying certified copies of documents like Inspection / Inquiry reports, Awards, Audit reports etc;
  • Verifying the stocks of the stores of the society and issue of certificates;
  • On application, according statutory approvals for certain transactions or proposals of the societies- such as 116-C, staffing pattern and pay scales to employees ;
  • Investment of funds by societies under Rule 37 ;
  • Sanction of prosecution under Rule 83 ;
  • Conditional attachment of properties and sale confirmation under Rule 52;

Thus, the Department of Cooperation mainly ensures that the Societies registered under the Cooperative Societies Acts are working in compliance with the provisions of the Act.

Since the Cooperatives are aimed at serving the poorer sections of the society, democratic functioning with transparency and impartiality is a must for these cooperatives. The Department is endowed with the responsibility of ensuring them.