Departmental Spectrum

The Department as a Friend, Philosopher and Guide helps the willing members of the village/sections of the society to adopt cooperative way of life to unite and to rise above their internal distractions and pre occupations and to create a holistic synergy. As a visionary, the department propagates certain morally defensible ideas, attitudes and values, which characterize the pursuit of civilized way of life. The department guides the societies touching upon several aspects such as objectives, size, membership, general body, managing committee, duties of officers in the society, liability, rising of funds by borrowings, lending, staffing pattern, profits, assets, reserves, supervision, audit, elections, constitution and disqualification of board, productivity enhancement, enterprise promotion, arbitration, dispute settlement, penal action and prosecution in case of fraud and misappropriation etc. The Department also provides cooperative education, training and capacity building to its members and nurtures them to undertake economic activities, helps them to access financial and other supports from Government/other institutions. It also creates the environment for maintenance of transparency of its business, provides proper accounting and audit system, conducts elections for democratic functioning, provides information for getting better price for the commodities produced by its members through market intelligence and to have better bargaining power etc. Cooperative societies are expected to function according to certain cooperative principles namely, Voluntary and Open membership without discrimination on social, political, racial or religious; Democratic member control; Member economic participation; Autonomy and independence; Education and training of members; Cooperation among cooperatives and Concern for community. The cooperatives have to follow certain values in its functioning namely, self - help; self - responsibility; Democracy; Equity; Solidarity; Honesty; Openness; Social responsibility and care for others.

Organisation of Societies

The objective of the Department of Co-Operation is to secure basic human needs and Sustainable Livelihoods to the Resource Poor People (RPP) in RURAL as well as in URBAN Areas by organizing various types of Primary Cooperative Societies based on needs.

1. Organization of Societies at village Level:

The Departments has organized Agriculture Cooperative Credit Societies; Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies; Consumer Cooperative Societies; Thrift and Credit Cooperative Societies; Employees Cooperative Credit Societies; Cooperative Housing Societies; Labour Contract Cooperative Societies; Joint Farming Cooperative Societies; Students Cooperative Consumer Stores; Cooperative Canteens; Artisan's Cooperative Societies; Cooperative Milk Societies; Fishermen Cooperative Societies; Cooperative Super Bazars; Industrial Cooperative Societies; Cane Growers Cooperative Societies; Sugar Cooperative Societies; Rural Electricity Supply Cooperative Societies; Fruit and Vegetable Vendors Cooperative Societies; Taddy Tappers Cooperative Societies, Nayee Brahmin Cooperative Societies, etc., to enable the members to access financial and other resources from the Govt and other Institutions.

2. Formation of Federations:

The Department has also formed District Level and State Level Federations to protect against exploitation by the middlemen and to have better bargaining power as well as to secure financial assistance from various institutions as Nodal Agencies. There are District Cooperative Central Banks, District Marketing Societies, District Labour Contract Cooperative Societies and District Joint Farming Societies Federations etc, at the District Level.

At the State Level, AP State Cooperative Bank, AP State Cooperative Marketing Federation; AP State Dairy Development Cooperative Federation; AP Girijan Cooperative Corporation; AP State Scheduled Caste Cooperative Finance Corporation; AP State Backward Classes Cooperative Finance Corporation; AP State Tribal Cooperative Finance Corporation; AP State Cooperative Housing Federation; AP State Cooperative Handlooms Weavers Federation; AP State Weaker Sections Cooperative Housing Corporation; AP State Cooperative Spinning Federation; AP State Women cooperative Finance Corporation; AP State Cooperative Union; Hyderabad Agricultural Cooperative Association; AP State Cooperative Rural Irrigation Corporation; AP State Cooperative Goat, Sheep and Poultry Development Federation, AP State Cooperative Oil Seeds Growers Federations, AP State Cooperative Tobacco Growers Federation, AP State Fishermen Cooperative Development Federation, AP Horticultural Development Society, AP Cooperative Handicrafts Development Corporation , AP Toddy Tappers Cooperative Federation, AP Nayee Brahmin Cooperative Federation, AP Washer men's Cooperative Federation etc.